and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Eeek 500!

Okay so I was up early to catch the 6.16am train to get me into London to take part in a digital workshop/conference thing (all very interesting). Then I had to dash off early to catch my train home again. On my way back I was ruminating on the fact that I'd not managed to blip anything nice/interesting in the big smoke and very nearly settled for a crap shot of my coffee on the fold down tray in the train. I even took said crap shot on my iPhone, and was idly commenting on some other journals when I realised that with my backblip of yesterday it meant today would be 500.


Oh crap that means I can't get away with a naff coffee shot.

I really am very lazy.

So here we have one of the Lilies that Simon gave me for Valentines day. Only one of the flowers has so far come out but I played around with the very expensive bike light (which, btw, gets used for far more things than actually lighting up the way on his bike!)

Hope you like it. I was being distracted at the time by Ali who couldn't for the life of him understand why I was waving a headtorch around in the dark while taking photos. Its not perfect but its got a bit more thought put into it than a naff Nero's takeaway coffee cup:-)

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