Bethanne Who

By BethanneElion

Traveling for Magic

I dreamed of floating within a realm of fairy snow last night. It's not surprising really. Poultney Vermont has had a nearly snowless winter and yet I have yearned and yearned for fairy snow - a snow that blankets land, branches, stones and homes with a luxury of white.

While I dreamed, we had a very slight dusting of snow. It wasn't enough to notice really but after dreaming that floating feeling amid a magic that inspires me, gives me a sense of soul and heart intertwining in a sunbath at dawn - I felt compelled to find that.

After coffee at first light, walking the beasts and feeding everyone I put on my silk long johns, flannels and overalls and headed out. Just out. I let intuition drive a new direction that included a mountain road leading to snowier ground.

Intuition veered left by a sign for a covered bridge which led me up a road to a turn off with a sign to park there for nature walking. I did and the Nikon, magic and I nearly floated out the car door at the sight of the railroad track in snow - a turn in the track leading elsewhere gave me a moment to hold onto in my mind's eye. I shall carry it with me today and smile at the thought of it. Behind me was a beautiful red barn and then to my side a covered bridge. We have become more endeared to covered bridges here since Irene flooded through New England last August taking a handful of our antique beauties away.

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