and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Anyone for cake?

I wasn't sure what to blip, then I spotted Ali's cakes. He loves this cake stand and cakes and offers them to anyone who comes to our house at the moment.

I was trying for a very simple clean shot, trying to go for still life type, seeing as I was quite chuffed with yesterdays blip. However I think we obviously could do with something else in this shot for composition but its a Friday and I'm not feeling overly creative tonight.

In all its been quite a cakey day it being Cake Friday at work (Ellie's turn) with millionaires flapjack and a very gooey chocolate cake. K also brought in some chocolates as it was her birthday. All this was rounded off with pancakes for pudding this evening. Its a good job I signed up the Keighley 10K again then as I feel like I am seriously piling on the pounds at the moment. Time for some exercise me thinks.

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