and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

From one presentation to another

So the interview happened today!

I stayed home until the allotted time in the afternoon practising and reading and having a coffee with my friend Lisa who had to face the church this evening in a similar ordeal only she'll be interviewed by about 50 people (I think I have the better deal)

Nerves were quite bad but at the end of the day you just have to get on with it. It was a beautiful day which is a real shame as I'd much rather have been out taking pictures!

In the end the interview happened in a fairly uneventful fashion, although I don't think I delivered the goods and left feeling fairly uninspired and a bit down.

Got home and had to rush out again to be present for Lisa's presentation to the church. I really felt for her. even thought I didn't think I'd done very well it wasn't like I had to answer questions from 50 people some of whom I'd known for 16 years!

In the end it all went well for her which was great. But boy was I tired and then I had to get home to prepare for tomorrows trip to Hull - 6.16am train and a 45 min presentation to 100+ postgrad researchers......

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