and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Three boys in a bath

I'm back blipping.

This week has been very long and arduous and one of the things that suffered has been blipping.

Today we went back and looked at the house we really want to buy. the one that's just round the corner but bigger, and has French windows into the garden. In my heart I see us living there, whilst my head tells me not to be stupid!

just we were leaving we met the people who'd been to view our house on Thursday - You remember the incident? Poo in the airing cupboard?

Well yes anyway seems they thought our house was too small (it is) but seemingly they weren't that much impressed by the one I've set my heart on either - phew.

Just to see what other houses are like we viewed two other ones today. a really nice large terrace with garden which 8 years ago we would have fallen for, but now we have children and no energy for restoration jobs! and another very uninspiring 3 bed semi in the posh bit of town - it was a bit like and that's it, is it? All the while hoping and expecting them to produce a further room that didn't exist.

Oh well. It then started to snow. Simon went for a bike ride and came home cold but not muddy, hence why all three of them ended up in the bath:-)

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