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Adam's Images

By ajt

Little Brown Job or Mr Sparrow

Today has been busy. We got up earlier than normal as we had to be in the village this morning. I spent a few minutes snapping Mr Sparrow on the lilac tree then we went for breakfast.

I then went to borrow a wheel barrow, capturing a nice frosty holly bush on the way. Then we went into the village centre to spend a few hours telling people about the community orchard we are planting on February 25 in the village. We need people to come out and dig!

I now have several good pictures for the blip, annoying when on some days I'm clutching at straws (and the macro shots appear!). I liked the light on this one so I picked it for today. The curious can find the rest of today's pictures on my Google or Flickr accounts.

Mr Sparrow on Flickr and here he is on Google.

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