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By BethanneWho

Leaf Me Be

Oh my - what inaccurate weather forecasters we have on a daily basis. They haven't got a clue. So much for sunny this afternoon as the sun is now gone behind banks and banks of cloud cover. It's 40F and not a breeze to be felt in the beginning of February. HAARPing is the new weather forecast me thinks - if you don't know what HAARPing is - time to google it! Some believe it some don't - make up your own mind...

Thanks for hanging with me while I am not around as much as I would like to be. Assuming regularly scheduled programming will resume after surgical recovery. 11 days and counting now. Starting to get things done ahead of time so that I can have a little staycation in bed after the outplant surgery (for those who have not been playing along with the what the heck is wrong with Bethanne game - I have two dental implants that are evil and must be removed).

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