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Mud 'n Mutton

That did not look in the slightest like a typical second Friday in January type of day out there today. Ok, it might've felt like a typical second Friday in January type of day...

A nice walk in the glorious sunshine around the sheep shit factory down by the Forth at lunchtime, possibly one of the last chances I'll have to do this for a while too (it's not going to be on my lunchtime commutes from next week). Despite all the blue sky and sunshine the puddles were all still ice but it was good to wander by myself amongst the abandoned warehouses (where there's another bliptagged sofa by the way) worrying the sheep and snapping photos.

There's a famous Scottish landmark lurking about in this shot, not too hard to spot in the bigger version.

<barefacedlie>First full week back after the Christmas break, and it wasn't all that bad at all.</barefacedlie>

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