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Bike porn

This is as close as I've come to riding a bike since my last day at work on 14 December. A lovely book of bike designs from Santa to sit on the sofa and browse through. But that's nearly two weeks and I'm starting to feel it - sluggish and lethargic. Yesterday's late night on top of a few other late nights (and the jet lag, don't forget the jet jag) isn't helping. And getting up this morning at 7am then falling asleep again at 11am didn't help.

But today I got a new chain for my single speed and tomorrow I have the last chance of the year to get out and at least clock up seven miles so that I can end the year with a total of 1,000 miles since I started counting back at the end of August. It would be better to clock up another 20 miles to use the 783 calories I need to take the total burned to over 50,000.

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