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That Will Do!

By flumgummery


Our church requested the loan of nativity sets to put on each windowledge. This is ours. The shepherds aren't represented in this set.

We have now eaten our turkey dinner, (but no christmas pudding as we were too full). After the presents we had delicious trifle made by B&S and cake, now Miss Flum and I have washed up.

So it's time to relax, put our feet up and remember what it's all about.

If I painted a picture, what would it be?
The angel perched atop the tree
Gazing down so awkwardly
At Christmas?

If I painted a picture, what would it show?
The holly wreath and mistletoe
And myriad candles all aglow
At Christmas?

If I painted a picture, would you heed
An illustration of our greed?
Consuming far more than we need
At Christmas?

I'll paint the picture, and you'll find
For rich and poor, for deaf, for blind,
God's greatest gift to all mankind
At Christmas.

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