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Nice 'orse

The last time I thought about buying a helmet to wear on my bike was after two near misses, both at the same spot, with days of each other, from cars overtaking and then immediately cutting in front of me but obviously misjudging my speed. Thankfully they only forced me round a corner rather than into the pavement but it was enough to spook me into thinking about helmets. Once I'd reminded myself that they're practically useless (apart from slow speed bumps and direct blows to the noggin) I decided to give up cycling for the winter and it was about three years before I started again. Anyway, I thought about it again today but only because I reckoned that a big lump of polystyrene would be good for keeping the old bonce warm in these new Arctic conditions. Instead, I just bought a (different) stupid hat that covers the old melon and the lugs. I'm sure the look is deeply unflattering but I don't care. My ears were cosy and by the time I got to the airport my head was damp with sweat. Oddly, the outside of the hat was damp with condensation.

Nice walk in the sunshine at lunch even though it was freezing. Carousel horses - there's something evil about them. Like clowns.

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