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Me by me

Today's the day ......................... to have fun

What am I doing? I should be off down the road to work - not poncing about in a mink stole and a dangly earring. But this is my 500th blip - and it's got to be a bit special.

This is what has happened since Blip entered my life! I've had such fun - I've 'met' so many wonderful people - I've learnt such a lot. You've made me laugh and sometimes you've made me cry a bit when you shared something sad. You've taken me to places I never knew existed. You've made me gasp in amazement at the wonders of the natural world. You've given me advice - and you've asked for mine. You've enriched my world.

I could go on and on - but right now, I've really got to get off to work. Speak to you later ...........................!

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