By KateC

Dunstall Farm Bridge

This morning, I realised that it's been a year since I began a horrible period of depression. Between last November and March I wasn't right at all. Anxiety, insomnia, not eating, hiding under my duvet whenever I could get away with it, lying to friends to escape social events I couldn't face...I was real good company ;)

Strangely, my medical issues coming to a head fixed things. Two seizures meant I got the scans I needed for an accurate diagnosis and the correct medication. I ditched the anti-depressants (without the doctor's say so, I admit) as they didn't help. The counselling I'd been talked into, that I'd never willingly attended (which caused more stress than anything else - I did a LOT of moaning about going) came to an end. Gradually things got easier.

What a difference a year makes. Last November, I felt like something dreadful was about to happen. Which it was, I suppose! My ambulance/hospital dramas were traumatic, and I miss my driving license, but the scary memories are fading, and DVLA medics will let me drive again on April 21st. Over halfway into my year's suspension :)

Christmas isn't making me want to run and hide, unlike last year. I say no to things I don't want to do, get plenty of sleep, make sure I get outside (vital) and have time to clear my head.

Mornings like this one help more than any drug or clueless counsellor. An hour's walk, on my own, in the chilly sunshine, camera in hand - perfect.

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's shot - a real confidence boost! I might even have another go. Maybe ;)

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