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The Sweetie Shop

Aye, the big bairns got to play in the sweet shop that is the National Museum of Scotland's storage facility in Granton. The lovely witchcreations arranged for a small group to see the historic bike collection. The guided tour by Alastair, who knew the history of each bike and the story behind its acquisition was a great treat but it was tough to choose which great bit of bike to post. I liked the front suspension on this one but it could so easily have been the Obree prototype, the Flying Scot, or the many Brooks saddles, which seem to the be the one constant of cycling.

After the bikes it was through to a number of other storage halls to see bones, old computers, steam engines, a lighthouse lens, a Nimrod Proton Synchrotron, a Cobalt Therapy Unit, the Elliott 920... the list could go on and on. Sadly, I had to go back to work but it was a great visit. Cheers Clare.

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