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Decisions, decisions

It's now got to the stage where it just feels wrong to be working on a Friday. Well, when I say 'wrong to be working' I mean wrong to be in the office on a Friday. Because, of course, I do work on a Friday. Sure I do. But it was a good chance to wander around the town looking in bike shops for bits and bobs to build onto the frame. But actually buying things would require a clear idea of the type of bike I plan to build. I'm thinking of something along the lines of what I half tried to turn my old mountain bike into - a single speed thing for leisurely dawdling - 42:20 gear rather than the 52:16 ratio I have on my road single speed. But then I'm also thinking that a geared rear hub would give more flexibility, although they're a bit eye-wateringly pricey. I think I'm heading towards something like this but maybe with straight bars and thumb shifters rather than drop bars and STI shifters.

For all I had my camera with me today, I didn't see anything that appealed so it was along to the boat when I got back home.

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