It's Good 2

By lynnemcnicoll

Day 1 of my 5000 mile 'walk'

This is the very first step of my latest challenge. My aim is to walk 5000 miles (can you hear a Proclaimers song being amended?? and I will walk 5000 miles, but I won?t walk 5000 more?.da de da da da de da da)

As I was saying, my aim is to ?walk? to Kilimanjaro between now and mid september 2013 when we do the actual Kili trek ? as the crow flies its 5000 miles so that?s what I have plumped for. I have bought my bus pass and for the next few months as I start off I will be walking and bussing my way about Edinburgh. My iPod is loaded up with audio books (you can indeed get fundraising books on audio so I have a few of those so can still walk and learn) and some inspiring music including,of course, said Proclaimers. and Paulo?s Pencil full of Lead. and Abba. It?s a mixed bag, I can tell you.

All this to get fit and raise money for our fantastic wee charity It's Good 2 Give!

Go, me.

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