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As seen by me...

By GrantR

Danbo and the Buttercup Bokeh

I had a day of long exposure photography planned. First stop, the old Newhaven Lighthouse at the entrance to the docks. Scouted this out on Friday when I was down there for the Red Arrows but the spot I wanted was full of fishermen, fair enough! Did what I could, not that keen on the shots though. Next was to be a trip over to Fife, on the way there a dose of "can't be arseds" came over me and I diverted home instead.

This though, was a shot I had planned to do with the extra tall buttercups on the back grass. As I was about to cut said grass, it was today or weeks from now! So here it is, Danbo in the buttercup forest...

Bit of a change if nothing else! Must do more Danbo...

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