As I took this picture, today, my mind flew back to a song myself and my classmates used to sing.

I can remember the first verse perfectly but then it all becomes a bit vague and I'm not even sure if the other bit I can remember is the second verse or one further along.

So, here is the bits I can remember (the "da da da" bits are for you to make up your own words - I could have done it for you but it would have crushed the creative juices).

Daisies are our silver
Buttercups our gold
These are all the treasures we can have or hold

Da da da da daaaaaa da da
Da da da da dew
Da da da da da da and the Speedwell blue

If anyone can genuinely fill in the missing parts I would be very grateful as it's driving me mad trying to think of the words.

It's a Germander Speedwell (I think).

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