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The last of the free (drink)

We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free, have been shielded by our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name... Beyond us lies no nation, nothing but waves and rocks.

Aye aye aye, Pictish chief Calgacus recorded by Tacitus supposedly. We didn't go that far back. Just to 1989, in fact to sample the Balblair of that year - a very quaffable number, which was greatly enjoyed by the quiffed company. And here is Mr Smith 22 years ago. And more recently. Some bloody fantastic music, it must be said - thanks for that were due to Insto and Red (OK, Hue & Cry proved no more popular than Iain Gray). Still, not a bad evening given that Berts kitchen was out of order! Strewth. We made do with peanuts.

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