Yesterday, on my way home from work, I took a detour in order to blip a Hawthorn bush that is in flower. I took several shots of it but when I got home and trasnferred them to my laptop all of them looked very grainy.

I took the same detour today and took more shots and this time I also took pictures of other things too. Upon putting the photographs on my laptop, the ones that I had taken that were not of the Hawthorn bush had come out fine but the Hawthorn bush was grainy again. I just don't understand it as the settings on my camera were the same for all the pictures taken. Perhpas the area where the Hawthorn bush is situated is really part of the twilight zone!

This Milkmaid flower is growing among the moss grass of my front lawn and was taken much later in the day (i.e. after the grainy picture episode).

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