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Big Bowl of Beans!

We had an interesting afternoon down in Baddeck. The group that organizes the weekly farmer's market during the summer/fall, put on an afternoon's presentation - Michelle talked very extensively and with a wonderful passion, about seed saving and growing all sorts of veggies! she is an absolutely wealth of was really valuable, especially cos a good friend of mine sent me some heritage tomato seeds which i feel really responsible for! I know how much work went into saving these seeds, so i wanted some real information. I might need to head out to Michelle's place and pick her brain some more! She had this very enticing bowl of beans.....which most people had to stick their hands did feel very cool!!! we bought some of her more interesting sounding beans, and some other seeds.

Then the vendors and board members got together to figure out timing etc for the upcoming season. With a very spring like day here, i felt like it really is possible that pretty soon, maybe within 2-3 weeks, the snow might be gone and we'll be dealing with lots of mud, and i think most of the vendors had that lovely feeling of anticipation for the beginning of June, which is when we will start the market again! I love doing the farmer's market!

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