and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Dutch barge or big cheese

Both featured today and I wasn't sure which one to upload still not sure.

I headed home on this day which was nice, as I had missed my boys, specially Bob as I'd not seen him for over a week.

Wendy and I toured Nijmegan for some nice foodage (mature dutch cheese for Si, the obligatory dutch waffley biscuits, some Nutella (as I was in Europe, therefore I was allowed to purchase it, see previous Blip for explanation!) some nice biscuits and Jam for the dog sitters and or course chocolate for the boys and work)

So come lunchtime I was dispatched onto a shuttle bus back to Weeze airport which looks pretty grim in the misty afternoon.

It was at this point that the main upset of the day happened.... I had the nutella and particularly nice strawberry jam confiscated from my luggage for being liquids!!! I ask you Nutella! I was so distressed by having them removed and then carelessly thrown in a bin! they could at least have taken them home and eaten them themselves!! What a waste! absolutely gutted!

Apart from that made it home fine and was delighted to see all my boys again.
Its nice to travel but its nice to come home again :-)

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